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Programming is a type of work that a programmer or a coder do to make a computer work according to its known purpose. You can program any computer, machine, or website creation platform to make it function the way that you choose to make it work. And it is all about knowing the right codes, using the codes on the right format, and combining all of them in an arranged and systematized way so that the computer or machine that is going to read the codes can analyze it and follow it without any miscommunication or hassle. A machine will only move or function according to your design if it has the appropriate program. A website will only look great and function correctly if you used the right scripts on it.

Our site

Our website is a website that contains articles about programming and coding. Programmers will find our website to be as useful as an Amsterdam holiday is to a stressed office worker. It is as innovative as an Amsterdam dinner cruise. We build a website to give assistance to programmers who are in search of answers to questions that they might have and no other sites can offer a solution to them. You will see that our goal is not really to earn because it will serve as the beginning of the end for us. We want to make our website as sustainable as possible. Through your questions and the network of programmers available on our site, we can help each other out and build this website from the ground up.

Our team

We are composed of programmers from different fields of work. Some of us are working full-time on our website, some are freelancers who have projects with national companies, while others are volunteers who have a full-time job in private businesses. We created a website to have a primary vessel to handle articles and content about programming and coding. Our website visitors can maneuver through the site to see the usefulness and effectiveness of what we publish on our pages. See our posts to have a grasp on what we write and the topics that we write about. We are not here to make money, though it is inevitable for a website to earn money because of the number of website visitors that we get every day. But our goal is to create a network of programmers who can help each other out through nicely published content and communication.

Our services

We are offering various content about programming languages but mostly, we are currently focusing on web development. We know how important it is for the network of programmers to have a site that caters to the number of people who are coding and developing websites. Because of the evolving technology and the programming language used on websites, it is a must for a programmer to continuously learn about the language and ask his co-programmers about what they do on their websites. Read more about web development on our pages.