How to Teach Kids about Programming

How to Teach Kids about Programming

Programming is both an art and a science. It teaches the one doing the coding to approach a problem with a systematized solution. This is the science part of programming. It is like planning your Amsterdam holiday with all the itinerary listed and well-accounted for. Programming is also an art because it enables the coder to tap into his creative mind and use his skills to design a perfect-looking code for a website. But it does take a lot of talent and training to create a program.

Teaching a kid how to code

Did you know that children can be taught how to code? If you think that only people with a degree are allowed to code, you are most certainly wrong. Start teaching your kids how to do codes by following these tips.

Use programming language for kids

You do not have to use Java or SQL to teach a child how to code. You have a lot of other options to work with in terms of the programming language to use. The programming language developed by MIT, which is Scratch is great for younger kids. It is a free tool that is designed to run on any web browser. It is heavily influenced by the program Logo which was used in the 90s to teach kids how to do codes. You cannot teach kids about programming codes to create online shops like Lazada and Zalora. But it is still a good start for them.

For older kids, they can be given a more sophisticated programming language. An option would be Python. It is a nice startup for kids who want to create simple syntax without the hassle of complicated programming.

Show actual codes to them

If you can remember how we are usually taught in school, one would realize that most of the lessons that we had were just concepts and there were little applications. If you are trying to teach kids how to code, you must show them actual codes. This is not to encourage them but to motivate them. This will give them a goal that they want to reach to enhance their skills and improve their coding prowess.